What To Consider When Having Your Wardrobe Custom-Made

Posted on: 28 April 2016


If you're having your bedroom remodelled, it's well worth giving some thought to having your storage cabinets and wardrobes custom-made by professional cabinet makers like Pinoy Cabinets. You'll have full control over how they look, where they fit into the room and how they're organised inside--giving you the perfect opportunity to get a storage system that's exactly right for you. With a bespoke fitted wardrobe and a set of matching storage cabinets, you'll have everything you need to finish your bedroom off beautifully and keep your clothes in the best condition you can. Figuring out how to arrange all that storage can seem a little daunting at first, though--so how can you make the best use of the room available in your new wardrobe and cabinets?

Think about the kind of clothes you own

If your wardrobe mostly consists of jeans and T-shirts, you don't need a lot of hanging space--but you're going to need plenty of drawers to keep everything properly organised. If you own a lot of maxi dresses, on the other hand, not only is hanging space at a premium but you're also going to want to make sure as much of that space as possible is full length--after all, there's nothing more annoying than a wardrobe that leaves all your best clothes trailing on the bottom! If you wear a lot of tunic-style tops or shirts that need ironing, you can have the best of both worlds; hanging space at the top and drawers underneath. Whatever your style, this is your chance to make sure that your cabinets and wardrobes fit it perfectly.

Get sliding doors to make your space work for you

Narrow gaps along the side of your bed or next to the door don't need to be wasted--ask your cabinet makers to make you a set of sliding doors that won't take up extra room as they open. Having these doors mirrored can really open up a room, as well as saving space you'd otherwise have used for a full-length look at yourself.

Make use of storage room that could otherwise get lost

One of the benefits of having your furniture custom made is that it can fit your space perfectly. Your new wardrobe can go all the way up to the ceiling--and by having some shelves added, you can use the space too high to reach without a stepladder to store guest bedding, Christmas decorations, out of season clothes and other things you don't need access to very often.

Don't forget about shoes, bags and belts

A good set of clothes storage cabinets is a great way to ensure that your accessories have good homes too. Fabric shoe hangers that hook over clothes rails are a great way to store shoes, and you can have sliding baskets installed at the bottom of your full-length hanging sections. Narrow drawers on curved tracks maximise shoe storage space by keeping them vertically rather than horizontally as well, while a set of hooks along an interior wardrobe wall make a great place to hang scarves, bags and belts--especially if you ask your cabinet makers to make them sliding as well. Drawer dividers make it easy to find all your socks, underwear and jewellery, while helping you maximise the space in your new cabinets with ease.