Important Things You Need To Know About Restoring Your Outdoor Teak Furniture

Posted on: 5 May 2016


If you want your teak furniture to last and maintain its aesthetic appeal, you will want to properly maintain it. Typically, your outdoor furniture will weather quicker than your indoor peak furniture. Apart from cleaning your teak furniture, the outdoor furniture may require restoration after some time. This is because after being exposed to the outdoor conditions, the lovely golden brown shade of your teak furniture can start developing a silver grey shade or finish. This finish is also unique, but if you'd like to maintain the golden brown shade of your teak furniture, you may have to restore it.

Therefore, you can restore the original colour of your outdoor teak furniture but there's a right and wrong way of doing that. For this reason, here are a few things you should know about the restoration.

What You Need To Do

  • First, before you start the restoration process, you will want to clean the old surface of the teak furniture. Find a soft bristle brush and use mild soap to take off the old silver grey shade. It may take you a while to clean off all the dirt and shade, but this will make it easy for the teak oil to adhere well.
  • To retain the original colour of your teak furniture, use teak oil. Be very careful when doing this because if you don't get it right, the oil might lead to irregular colouring. Therefore, using a rag, apply the oil in the direction of the teak's grain.
  • Besides the use of teak oil, there are other ways to get rid of the silver grey shade on your teak furniture. First, you can consider teak sealants. You may want to use these sealants just once a year or so to protect the wood from fading or weathering.
  • Washing with acid and caustic cleaner can also work best to restore the colour. Last, you can rub the surface of the furniture using a chemical stripper.

What You Need To Avoid

  • Don't leave your teak furniture wet for long. To prevent quick discolouration of your outdoor teak furniture, always dry it as soon as the surface becomes wet, for instance, after a rain.
  • Don't use harsh chemical cleaners when cleaning your outdoor furniture. Teak is porous so the chemicals can damage it.

Using these tips will help you maintain the look of your outdoor teak furniture for years to come.