Creative Ways of Providing Bed Space for Visitors during Christmas

Posted on: 7 March 2018


It is only a few months till Christmas and the question you are probably asking yourself is whether you are ready to accommodate family and friends coming over. While close friends and relatives might not mind spending the night on the couch, it's good practise to do all you can to make them feel comfortable. One common route most people choose is joining beds to form a bigger 'bed'. It will work if you have adequate space. However, if you don't have the luxury of space then you have to get creative. In this post, you will find ideas for making beds from unused bedroom furniture or wooden materials.

Old Dresser -- The sturdy nature of most dressers makes them an excellent choice for conversion into a bed. You first have to inspect the condition of the dresser's wood. It is critical to the safety of those who will be using the chest as a bed. Make sure that the joints are strong and that the wood has not been eaten away by bugs. Once you are certain that the piece of furniture is in good condition, the next step is to cut out the upper drawers. The resulting structure should resemble a bench with arms. Follow up by laying a sturdy wooden platform to act as a base onto which you can spread a sizeable mattress. Once done, you will have one less visitor to worry about concerning sleeping space.

Wooden Pallets -- When most people think about pallets, the first things that likely pops into their mind are forklifts and the industrial setting in general. What most people do not know is that it is quite easy to convert a couple of pallets into a bed within a very short time. All you have to do is join approximately two 40'' by 48'' pallets side by side to create a base wide enough for a mattress. One advantage of a pallet bed is that you can decide what size you want it to be because used pallets are easy to come by. Pallet beds can easily accommodate as many as four people at a go. Additionally, beds made out of wooden pallets are easy to dismantle because all you need to do is separate the individual pallets.

Old Wardrobe -- To use an old wardrobe as a bed, it must be made of quality wood. The reason is that you will most likely use its back as the base for a mattress. The wood used on this side of the wardrobe should, therefore, be sturdy enough to support the weight of an average human. Simply lay a wardrobe down on its front then lie on the back side and listen for any squeaking sounds. If it squeaks, then it is not advisable to use it as a bed until its joints are looked at. You might also want to remove the door to make the base flush with the floor and increase comfort levels.